Blue Reef Fishing Lodge
Blue Reef Spots & Fishing Lodge is the Family Company which has been set by Thomas Boer, Nicky Boontje and Nathan Boer, all Dutch citizens.

The three of them share a passion for sports. On top of that Thomas and Nathan have another addiction, fishing. A lot of fishing hours on the lakes and rivers of the Netherland has made them very experienced fishermen with a balanced ecological view on nature.

So they have to explain why they gave up all those achievements. They have travelled a lot around the world and were always attracted by exotic destinations in Asia, Africa and the Great Pacific. When they visited Zanzibar in 2012 they were appealed by the friendly people, who created an easygoing and laid back atmosphere totally different compared to Europe. Added to the beautiful coast and the great fishing opportunities, they decided that this island will be their new home country!

They imagined that the lack of any sport-facilities and affordable fishing activities at the east coast of Zanzibar offers a great potential to start a Sport and Fishing Lodge. So they decided to leave our busy life in Holland and move to Zanzibar, together with Nicky’s and Thomas’ 2 years old daughter Isis.

Their idea is to create and intimate, affordable and sustainable guesthouse where sport facilities and fishing activities can be combined with exploring Zanzibar.
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Rates from: $50 - $125 USD per night including breakfast

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Blue Reef Fishing Lodge

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